Friday, 30 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We've spent an incredible two weeks in Bright with family and friends over Christmas.

The boys have had so much fun playing with their uncles, aunt and grandparents - it's been like having constant childminders during our holidays - fantastic!

Burying an uncle under the pillows

Leading up to December 25th,  JJ kept asking if it was Christmas Day so he could open his presents that were accumulating under the tree. I was amazed that neither of them opened the presents!

We were so fortunate that our friends also joined us for Christmas. We had a great BBQ with them on Christmas Eve and took the kids swimming in the fantastic toddler pool in town. They had such a great time! JJ, the adventurous one, also went swimming into the river. Daddy had to go fish him out before he ended up downstream in the next town!

Later that night we sang Christmas carols, and put up even more lights around the living room. The place looked really special. JJ and SamSam and their friend Marcus gave a little musical performance for everyone, which was really lovely. We all sang Christmas carols, and ate way too much food.

On Christmas Day itself they helped to distribute the presents, which I think is a good thing to do so they don't think it's all about them! They got lots of books, some tshirts, a game, a DVD and a CD, and their most favourite - two wooden trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine series, and they love them so much.

Since Christmas we've gone on lots of walks, been to the playground, had picnics, swum in the river, window shopped, and explored a nearby town.

The two boys have definitely grown taller in the last few weeks from all the exercise and sunshine and good food!

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