Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A trip to the city

We have a busy day with friends visiting in the morning with their two little boys.

JJ and Charlie decide that they want to sit on the potties, and sit side by side in the hallway doing their business!

We head off into the city for a delicious Korean all-you-can-eat buffet meal with the boys' Aunty. It's Christmas time and the Myer window display is up. It's not totally my cup of tea, but the boys are very interested in the moving characters! I'm a bit upset that the nativity scene is very dreary and grey and drab :(

Samsung has a very cool interactive window where you are displayed up on the wall and little santa hats drop down onto your head. We have fun with that and another window with a touchscreen Angry Birds game.

JJ gets yet another train-ride treat home with me. We go via the fantastic new Myer toy department where he exclaims loudly "CHUGGINGTON!", and then very contentedly plays with the Thomas train sets.

When we have to leave I give him a time warning, "In five minutes we have to go!". He seems to have heard and I let him play on. I give him another time-warning "In one minute we have to go! We have to go sit on a real train!".

I can see a Dad watching me, and I think he's interested to see if JJ will actually leave the toys without creating a scene!

"Ok JJ, time's up, it's time to go".

He's about to put the train down, and I see a little girl who has been waiting very patiently for a train to play with.

"Why don't you give it to the little girl over there who has been waiting to play with the train?"

Miracle of miracles, he goes over to the girl and gives her the train with a "Here you are!" and takes my hand and we walk off.

No tantrums leaving a train set in a big toy department! I feel so proud!!

We take the train home and it's the end of another day :) 

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