Monday, 5 December 2011


It's 6:15am and they're up!

They are very vocal this morning and SamSam wants to do "dot dot dot". I get out the pens and they dot the paper - SamSam also likes to dot-dot JJ - to their hearts content.

Best coloured pens for toddler kids
I've found the Crayola washable markers to be really great. These ones are a bit chunky, so they're easier for children to hold. The ink really does come off very easily in water - although the red needs a bit more effort to rub away (but not much more!).

The pens also have a recessed nib, which means that when the boys do things like make dots all over the paper, the pen nib doesn't go into the pen - remember when you did that when you were a kid?!

When I first gave the pens to the boys, SamSam was maybe 20 months old, and he couldn't resist scribbling All Over the perfectly white table that the paper sat on! It looked unbelieveably bad. But with a few wipes, it was completely gone!!

Crayola pens are more expensive, but I reckon they are worth it. We also have their washable crayons :)  (If you work for Crayola and want to advertise on my site, please contact me! ;).

They seem quite crafty this morning, so we decorate some more Christmas tree cut-outs that they painted earlier in the week. They must be hungry though, because they end up doing a bit of a half-hearted job! Note to self: feed kids breakfast before doing craft activities!
Breakfast is Yau Char Kway - the Chinese take on doughnuts. They look like long sticks, like Spanish churros. I cut them up and the boys dip them in honey. Yum!

SamSam says one of his pieces of doughnut looks like an owl, and another is a crocodile! I love their imaginations!

After cleaning teeth, faces and hands, and getting changed, we go out to the balcony to hang the washing. The boys are relishing their trike and bike, and also blow bubbles while I hang up the washing and pack their lunches for playgroup.

We love playgroup. The boys play with about eight children of differing ages up to 4 years old. It's held at church and they are run three days a week. They are structured so that there's free playtime, a craft activity, singing & dancing, snack time, and then more playtime. It's also a great opportunity to meet and get to know other mums!

Most churches (of at least medium size) offer a playgroup during the week. They are open to the public and you don't need to be Christian. We pay a small fee of $35 for the term which runs during school term. This covers craft costs, and coffee & tea.

If your child isn't in kinder, then this is a good way to get them used to playing with other kids. Our kids get used to playing with other kids through - playgroup once a week; usually one hour occasional care during the week (while I play tennis with my husband), and then get to mix with more kids at Sunday school.

Just shows that there's lots of different ways to also keep your kids entertained, and growing!
This is what we made at playgroup this week - little SamSam and JJ angels to hang on the tree!

This Saturday the boys will be performing on stage for the very first time, with their playgroup pals. Exciting!

We play a Thomas the Tank Engine 3D cube puzzle that we picked up from the school fair a few days ago. It's quite tricky, and well worth the $1 we paid.

It's nap time and it takes forever to get them have their morning nap as JJ refuses to go down even though he's really tired. I have to put him in the corner four times before he decides it's better to go to sleep than stand in the corner.

After a long nap, we play Dora Bingo - a game I got from the $2 shop a few weeks ago. I'm surprised that JJ remembers it as we haven't played it yet. For $2 the game is pretty good! The boys like to spin the dial and SamSam really likes the feel of the plastic counters.

Today's devotion, SamSam requests one we've had before. It has a drawing of a little girl with a cat, and they are looking for some kittens. The devotion is if we are in need of something, we just need to ask God as he hears our prayers! :) Yippee!

Tonight we're going out for dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in honour of grandpa's visit. We bring our own highchairs to make it easier! (This must be an eccentric thing to do as I don't know anyone else who does it, but that doesn't bother me!). The IKEA high chairs are so easy to dismantle and cart around. The restaurant is used to us bringing them along.

The boys eat really well. We have prawn crackers, char kway teow - a fried rice noodle dish and a sizzling silken tofu dish with egg and pork on rice. Dessert is ice kacang - a kind of Malaysian snow cone with different toppings.

We come home and they ask to ride their bikes around the balcony. After that they come in for a shower, and we read 'Piglets Big Movie' book and 'Mr McGee Goes to the Zoo', then it's bed time.

I love my boys!

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