Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Fair and Grandpa Arrives

Hoorah! They wake at 7:25am :)

The boys find a plastic shopping bag that I used to collect their toys lying around the house. Inside were some percussion instruments and they think it's quite nice to walk around the house jingling and jangling the bag.

But then they tussle for the bag, as there's only one. So mummy puts together another bag for SamSam.

JJ remembers that last night before he went to bed I promised that we would play with the Sesame Street figurines. We stand them up on the rug and we make a little skittles game using a ball to try and knock them over. Ooh, lots of fun for the boys.

SamSam hands me the 'But Not the Hippopotamus' book by Sandra Boynton. They've recently begun to appreciate this book - another book that rhymes.

Breakfast is Powergrain and Bubbles, pears, a cup of milk for SamSam, and Milo for JJ. This whole 'eat like a crocodile and put it in your tummy' thing is working a real treat for SamSam. He isn't spitting out his half chewed up food anymore, and is pointing vigorously to his tummy and saying "put it in the nummy" after any significant chews and swallows.

I have to go out for the next few hours, so Daddy takes charge. He reads 'Maisy Goes to the Fair'. They do some drawing and Thomas printout activities, and spend half an hour riding their bikes around the balcony. Then treat of treats, they get to watch an hour of Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD!

When I get home, it's lunchtime. They eat rice with buk khoo teh, a traditional Malaysian dish. They like it so much they have seconds, but when they want thirds there's no rice left - so they end up slurping more soup in their bowls.

After our afternoon siesta, the boys and I head off to a local school fair.

There are lots of people and stalls, and rides, things to eat and buy. The boys have their first ever snow cone, and we buy some mini cupcakes $6, some second-hand children's books that are real gems $2, a descriptive card game $1, toy food 50c and a wind up fishing game 50c.

JJ takes his shoes and socks off to go on the bouncy castle (another first), but after waiting a while for his turn, he changes his mind, and it's time to go home for dinner. Daddy has brought home grandpa from the airport!

The boys have grandpa playing the fishing game within a few minutes. SamSam hadn't even taken his shoes off! SamSam really likes the fishing game, and JJ is really into the new plastic food.

For dinner we eat beef and chicken satay with rice, cucumbers and peanut sauce. The boys love to eat the meat off the skewers, it's a bit of a novelty. Also, they are incredibly delicious!!

Dessert is ice cream with lychees, and everyone is happy.

After a quick shower, and into their pjs, we read our library books and some current favourites. Today's devotion is about 'what will last'? We learn that the grass withers and flowers fall, but the word of God lasts forever.

Soon it's time to go to bed. Daddy has made a really great window shade out of cardboard to properly block out the morning light. They may just sleep in til 10am tomorrow!

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