Thursday, 15 December 2011

Making Christmas Presents & Bikes in the Park

It's a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the clear blue sky.

Crumpets with butter and jam is a great way to start the day too :)

Daddy decided last night that instead of leaving today for our holiday, we'll leave tomorrow! Phew, more time to pack!

SamSam wants to do some painting, so I find a colouring sheet with some Chuggington characters. For the first time ever, JJ is strategic with his colouring - Coco is painted all green, and Wilson all red.

I hang the clothes while the boys blow bubbles. They've just discovered that they can catch the bubbles on their bubble 'sticks', and also how much fun it is to blow the bubbles right at each other's head!

I bought SamSam a new bike helmet that fits much better, and he looks rather fetching in it!

We have exhausted our supply of bubble mix, so we walk down to the shops to get some more. We visit both our $2 shops and come away with a whole swag of goodies for our upcoming holidays.

Aside from more bubble mixture, I found some decorate-it-yourself money boxes that we can use for Christmas presents for the boys' aunty and uncles!! We spend the next hour colouring the money boxes and wrapping them up, and then decorating the wrapping!

The boys are having such a great time colouring in. They love to help wrap up the presents using scissors and sticky tape - although you need double the normal amount of patience to do this! This morning I also bought some glue pens from the $2 shop, and they work  really well to stick on some felt initials onto the presents.

The boys love the concept of letters, and are really happy to walk around holding these brightly coloured initials of their aunt and uncles' names!


I bought some sheets of felt a while ago. They are quite versatile for use in craft, you can decorate paper, make finger puppets, cut out animal shapes, letters etc and they have such a great texture.

Lunch is steamed rice noodles with hoisin sauce, mmmm! I love our rice cooker, it not only cooks rice, it steams, makes congee and can slow cook.

After lunch, the boys get to watch a whole Thomas DVD while I frantically make Christmas presents before our holiday departure tomorrow.

It's way too much TV, and they have become a bit dopey. They're not hearing what I say when I ask them to do things, and are looking mischievious. Finally I finish, and decide that it's time to take them out to burn some energy.

We grab JJ's bike, SamSam's trike and my Razor scooter and make our way down to the car. Just getting all our gear, plus helmets down to the car is quite stressful. We live in an apartment, and we have to get into a small lift, followed by narrow hallways. There are lots of doors to open and shut making it very hard to maneouver - let alone trying to communicate with a two and three year old how best to move along!!

I'm almost ready to have a fit by the time we get to the car, but I catch myself and remember that this should be an enjoyable time taking my beautiful boys to the park to ride on their bikes! With renewed energy and patience, I drive off.

We have an absolutely fantastic time at the park. The boys enjoy the extra space to ride, and the different paths to explore. We have a small picnic on the grass, and they are very happy. There is a doggie party happening in the rotunda in the middle of the park. Very cute.

With my Razor scooter I realise I can push SamSam along on his trike! It's brilliant!

Take a look at the great pictures!

JJ is stunt bike riding already
A lovely park to ride in
When we get back home, Daddy has cooked delicious smoked salmon spaghetti, and the boys have seconds. Dessert is banana fritters with ice cream! yummm.

For today's devotion we re-read the one we had yesterday - about obeying your parents!!! All day the boys have been pushing the boundaries. SamSam has been throwing things on the floor from the dinner table, JJ has been purposely rebelling against my repeated warnings!

We read a selection of their favourite books, and then it's time for bed.

Daddy leads our nighttime prayers, and I am thankful that I can take a breather, and that tomorrow is a whole new day.

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