Monday, 19 December 2011

First Weekend in Bright

Our first weekend in Bright has been relaxing and enjoyable.

The house is set in a large and diverse garden with lots to discover. They've picked strawberries and helped water the plants. They've played with the cats on the grass and climbed up chopped up logs. They've jumped on the trampolines and JJ's learnt some jumping tricks from Daddy. They've thrown stones along the gravelly driveway and found miniature pinecones that JJ says look like echidnas!

On our first day, SamSam came face to face with a kangaroo - bigger than him - that had wandered into the property! I didn't even know there were kangaroos in Bright!

The boys spend a lot of time in the playroom. There is an extra long skateboard which JJ has been rolling on, and trucks and boys stuff. It's so exciting for kids when there are new toys to play with!

The weather has been really variable, but thankfully not very hot this summer. After dinner one night we had a lovely walk down the road. The boys had a great time collecting things as they walked. Bright this time of year is so GREEN. The roads are lined with trees with beautiful thick foliage. We've arrived just before all the tourists hit the town, so it's nice to get around while there's still peace and quiet!
On Sunday we went to a Church of Christ which we spotted while driving around town. It was a great service, and the people were very friendly and welcoming.

I was thrilled when the Sunday School teacher asked if the boys would go to Sunday School!! It was nice to have a little break from them :) It was quite funny that they participated in a singing performance even though they'd only been there less than an hour! But they took to the limelight. SamSam very embarrassingly pulled up his tshirt, exposing his belly, and put his hands down his pants! They were very cute though, and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus! They even got presents!
SamSam with his hands down his pants

The Sunday School teacher said that they were both so well behaved, and that she had never seen boys as young as them be so good! Ahh, it warmed the cockles of my heart!

Our friends will be away for 4 weeks, and we will be housesitting for them here. They have two cats to look after Coco and Milly, and the garden to tend. We love that we have an opportunity to stay in their lovely home and pretty town!

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