Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Friday

A 6am start, I can't believe they didn't sleep in after all the exercise they had yesterday!

While I'm trying to rummage enough energy to wake up and get out of bed, the boys bring their mini tea set into bed, and we're playing tea party while I'm still half asleep.

I show them how to fry a 'pancake' - a little yellow plate - with a little plastic spatula, and then I tell them the story of 'The Little Pancake' - the Winnie the Pooh version.

Breakfast is Powergrain (the Aldi version of Nutrigrain)* with Bubbles (the Aldi version of Rice Bubbles)* followed by Vegemite on toast. *These Aldi versions are just as good as the real thing and something like half the price!

While I hang out the washing, the boys blow bubbles and play on the trike and car. I like going out in the morning to hang the washing because we all get a good dose of vitamin D before the UV rays kick in! I purposely don't put their hats on, and expose their arms when we go out early in the morning sun.

Soon after we're off to church for a women's talk held monthly. This is only the second time I've been to it, and they are simply awesome. I have been so encouraged by what I've heard, and learnt so much practical things to apply to my daily living and my walk with God. I Love It! There are women there who have little kids like me, women whose children have grown up, and those who aren't married yet. It's so good to talk with and learn from these incredible women.

The boys are looked after with other mum's kids, so they get some play time while I get to listen. There's fruit to eat, and the boys get a treat - a mini chocolate cupcake, each!

Straight after we're off in the car to out near the airport to pick up yet another thing I bought off eBay (I promise don't do this often!), a 12 inch bicycle with training wheels for Jae. A Malvern Star bike for $5 is quite a good deal, I hope!

All this driving means that the boys get their quota of sleep for the day while in the car.

On the way home we stop off at the local shops and eat avocado sushi at 'Sushi Boy', then go to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner tonight - tortillas!

We inspect the bike in the garage at home and it becomes apparent that the training wheels are wonky, and the back wheel might need some more air. We need Daddy to come and fix it up!

The boys play on the makeshift mattress-slide in the spareroom, and then we read our devotion for the day.

Today's devotion is about being obedient to your parents because they know what's best for you. They are wise and they love you, and this is most definitely the same with God. We should be obedient to Him because he knows what's best for us.

We watch Sesame Street Numbers and Letters on DVD while we wait for Daddy to come home and fix up the bike. Mummy has a well deserved cuppa tea and a power nap!

After extended DVD time - 'Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Ever', and 'Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever' - Daddy comes home, yippee! He fixes the bike, and JJ has such a great time going around the balcony with SamSam on his trike. He looks so grown up now! I can't wait to take them to the park with their new wheels!

Tonight is my night to cook. Tortillas are brilliantly fast to prepare, so healthy, and the kids can help make them, and they Love Eating them! Dessert is fresh pears.

After dinner we read 'Hairy McClary from Donaldsons Dairy' a great book with a catchy rhyme that the boys really like. They are also very intrigued by Scarface Claw a menacing cat. SamSam made me read it twice.

After their showers we tidied up and played a few rounds of animal snap, and a building puzzle logic game. What brings on this sudden desire to play games just before they're about to go to bed is a bit puzzling. Maybe they are trying to wring out some fun out of every possible minute before they have to go to sleep?

They're starting to try a little trick, after about 10 minutes of being in bed, they'll declare that they need to go to the toilet. Both of them! This is even after JJ has already been to the loo just before he goes to bed! We can't really say no, as we're on the verge of toilet training SamSam, and JJ is only a few months trained. I'll have to keep tabs on this...

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