Friday, 9 December 2011

Games for Toddlers

I'm sort of getting used to these 6am starts.

We have French toast with honey followed by cereal for brekky. I love French toast, and so do the boys. It's a great way to use up bread when it's a bit old for sandwiches. The boys like to help me to beat the eggs.

The boys are keen to play a game this morning, and I take down a game we brought back from Europe - My First Orchard. SamSam got this as a present for his second birthday. It's a game that teaches children their colours.

The box includes some beautiful wooden fruit painted either blue, red, green or yellow, a crow, a basket, and some 2D trees and stepping stones. There's a large dice with the colours on 4 sides, plus a picture of a basket and a picture of a crow. The kids have to throw the dice and can either take a fruit from the tree and put it in their basket, or the crow moves forward a step. They have to pick all the fruit off the trees before the crow gets to the orchard.

It's too easy for JJ to play (he's 3), but about right for SamSam. The follow- on game, 'The Orchard' by Haba, is really good for JJ. You can get both these games in Australia.

Next we play playdough. I like making pretend bananas for the boys, complete with peelable skin! It takes a while to make, but the boys think it's a hoot to peel their pretend bananas.

I hang out the washing and the boys ride their bikes, then blow bubbles.

Bubble tips!
We go through so much bubble mixture that I buy a large bottle and refill some little bubble bottles I found.
It's cheaper to buy the larger bottle in the long run.

The small bottles I've bought are intended for use at weddings! (At least I think so). The bottles are the perfect size, as SamSam - without fail -will pour all the mixture out on the ground! This way we only waste a small amount!

They are also quite a nice size for their little hands.

The boys also like how there's a cat and a dog on the top of their bottles which they identify as their very own bottles.

We do some drawing and writing activities photocopied from the Thomas activity book. I'm always on the look out for good activity books. It's good to have a stash kept in the cupboard as backup play. There's sticker activity books, dot to dot, colouring in ones, writing ones, reading ones, search and find, and compilation activities - loads, so it doesn't need to be the same old thing all the time.

We're going out for lunch with grandpa today, I turn on the TV while I get things ready for our outing. They watch 'Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever'.

Take the Train!
After even more Malaysian food JJ gets a treat. He and I take the train home from Flemington! He loves looking out the window and commentating. I've bought him a bottle of orange juice and he's loving this very rare treat of a bottle and straw all to himself, without having to share with his little brother!

In the afternoon the boys play with jigsaw puzzles, and then some singing and percussion with my guitar. After that we play Hungry Hippos.

We go out for Fish n Chips dinner, and the boys get some exercise walking along the street.

It's been a long day.

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