Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to Teach Kids to Read

We leave for 4 weeks holiday tomorrow, and I haven't even started packing!! (and I'm writing on this entry, ha!).

We've read a few books this morning: 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy', 'Winnie the Pooh' mini board book, 'Hippo Goes Swimming', and 'The Tiny Baby'. We also did our devotions.

Today's devotion is about doing things you're told not to. There's a drawing of a little girl who's dipping strawberries into chocolate for a present, but she looks like she's considering eating it herself!

There's a little prayer we pray together "Help me Lord, when it's hard to obey. Help me to do what my parents say."

I hang the washing and the boys ride their bikes. We come inside and they play their trainset, and then watch some DVDs.

It's one of those things that when we have to get things done and can't have too much distraction, we turn on the TV - or more accurately DVDs.

We prefer the boys watching DVDs as we have already vetted the content. We also have educational DVDs within our collection. It's been shown that children benefit from repetition, and watching educational DVDs over and over definitely work. Both our boys can actually read! Our 3 year old can read around 700+ words - although now he can sound out new words phonetically - and SamSam perhaps about a hundred. If you're wondering how to teach kids to read - they've learned this just from watching a couple of DVDs.

How To Teach Kids to Read
The DVDs we used to teach them are called "Your Baby Can Read". You start them from about four months of age (yes four!), although we only started JJ at 6 months because I didn't read the instructions properly (how ironic).

You just show the same DVD - about 20 minutes long - a few times a day, every day, in a situation without distraction. We didn't show JJ any other TV except for the DVDs. When the intro music would come on he would get really excited!!

We knew that he could read when at 12 months he put his arms up in the air when the words 'Arms up' appeared on the screen. Within a week or two, he could read words like mouth, fingers, toes - we knew because he'd point to them when the words appeared on the screen.

So JJ could read before he could talk! It's incredible, and it was so easy8 (painless!) to do. I couldn't recommend it highly enough :)  I'll find a video of JJ reading when he was little and put it on here, soon. Keep posted!

While I'm packing away and completing four loads of washing, the boys are watching DVDs, but after lunch, it's straight to bed for a nap. When they wake up, they decide to pull out all their books from the bookshelf in their room, and empty all the stuffed toys onto the floor. Look at the mess!

But in doing this, they discovered books they hadn't read in a long time, and they are content for a quite a while to read amongst the rubble on the floor.

Thank goodness DH has decided that we should leave the day after tomorrow, there's so much to do!

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