Monday, 12 December 2011

Parties & Dinner

Today we have our playgroup Christmas party at the local park (the third party in two days!). There's a 'secret santa' and we bring food to party food to share.

The boys have a great time running around the playground with the other kids, munching on party food, and opening their presents. SamSam gets a Cars lunchbox and cutlery set, and JJ gets a ping pong set and a bouncy ball :)

Later the boys have a long nap in preparation for another late night dinner tonight. When they wake up they play on their bikes.

I am so surprised when JJ tries my Razor scooter (I ride on the scooter along with the boys on the balcony!). JJ can actually balance on the 2 skinny wheels and push himself along! After a while he gets a little better, and he actually prefers to push the scooter than ride his bike!

Before long it's time to go for dinner at one of our favourite Italian restaurants in the city.

It's a long night, but the boys do very well.

I've packed a number of books that we read during the meal between courses. Daddy also takes them out for a stroll halfway, so that they're not getting up to too much mischief during the meal. They come back with a small stick with leaves and gumnuts which they like to pull apart and put on the table!

They eat Bombed Alaska for the very first time, and it's a great hit. The dessert came just at the right time for two boys who were getting quite fidgety!

We don't finish until close to 9pm, and by the time we get home and after a wash, they quickly go into a good deep sleep.

[I've decided to write a post just about how to survive eating a long restaurant meal with kids! See next post!]

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