Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

The first day for 2012 was jam packed. Still on holiday in Bright, we went to the local church in the morning, then went to a trout farm in a nearby town.

The boys loved feeding the fish with the fish pellets! There were some whoppers in the ponds and we got splashed quite a few times. It was great entertainment for a two and three year old, and it only cost $2 for the fish food that lasted an hour!

There were older kids were busy trying to catch the fish with long fishing poles, and they were so excited when they actually got one.

So I highly recommend taking kids to a trout farm when on holiday!

We had lunch at the local pub - the boys first pub experience - where JJ couldn't resist getting on stage and pretending to sing. We had fish and chips and steak and chips. The steak was delicious!

Later in the day we went to our newly discovered swimming spot in a pretty flowing stream. We've started rearranging the stones and pebbles to create our own toddler pool in the flowing river, plus a larger adult sized dipping spot. So much fun!!!

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to hit 37, and 39C the day after. This shady swim spot will come in handy!

Today's devotion was called Happy Faces. The boys learned that God can make you happy on the inside and out!

'A happy heart makes a face look cheerful'  Proverbs 15:13

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