Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rhyming Bingo Game

Yesterday at the toyshop in Beechworth, I found a bingo game for kids that was based on rhyming words. I thought I'd try making my own version and playing it with JJ.


I made two bingo cards with four words on them:
1) Boat, House, Star, Moon
2) Spoon, Run, Red, Far

Then I made some cards with words that rhymed with the words on the cards:
goat, mouse, car, balloon, bun, and bed.

Teaching how to play
I asked JJ if he wanted to play a new bingo game called Rhyming Bingo, and he said yes.

Sitting at the table, I explained to him what rhyming words were. I used a piece of paper like a blackboard, and wrote examples for him to see while explaining.

Playing the game
Then JJ got to choose a bingo card, I took the other. I put the word cards into a little pencil case. Then he picked a card from pencil case - he giggled when he got to choose a card!

Once he got a card, I said "OOhh! What card did you get?" He read it out loud "goat". I asked him which word on his card rhymed with goat, and he had a good look and said "boat". Success!!

He put the word card above the word on his card that matched. Then it was my turn.

We kept playing until JJ had all the words covered, at which he got to say "Bingo!" and he was very pleased.

I think I'll play this game again but modify it to have more words so it lasts longer - say nine words on the card. At least he has the concept now!

This Bingo game could also work really well for foreign languages in matching English words with the foreign translation.

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