Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Wonderful Time in Bright

We've had the most amazing holiday with friends, family, nature and good food. Blogging fell off the priority list because we were having so much fun!

These photos capture a tiny bit of what happened in the great month there.

Picking ripe tomatoes from the garden and scoffing them down
Catching baby trout in the river in Wandiligong
Hanging out with the cats
Playing with the diggers and pebbles in the garden, also running after the cats.
Pulling friend in dingy back to shore.
Played for hours at the awesome Bright playground
Jumping and rolling on the trampoline with friends
Playing in the beautiful, clean, flowing pebble river
JJ caught his first fish at the trout farm! He used a lure and caught it on the second cast. He reeled it in all by himself! It was a very proud moment for him, and for us. We got it all on video check it out!

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