Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It's a gorgeous new day and I feel ready for anything!

Before breakfast the boys playing with a makeshift car ramp - a long piece of cardboard balanced on a couple of foot stools - and zooming the cars, trains and trucks down it. They're having a great time. Isn't it nice how simple things give so much pleasure!

After brekky they do some drawing and colouring in and complete some Thomas activity sheets. I like doing craft or writing in the morning when the boys have the best concentration.

When I hang out the washing, they blow bubbles and ride around the balcony racing each other.

Back inside JJ asks if we can play Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek is currently a real favourite. It's hilarious to play it with them as they always hide in the same place - in our bed under the covers! When I hide, I like to find good places to hide and take a little rest while they find me!

We make some paper aeroplanes and they fly incredibly well - probably the best planes I've ever made, and it was so easy! Here's a copy of the instructions.

JJ can fly his really accurately. He chooses the number 3 to go on his plane, and SamSam has number 1. They are a definite hit. They find they can put little figurines inside the planes and fly them too!

Chocks away!
We find a boardgame in an old book and play this for a good hour. It's based in an airport and the aim is to get to the aeroplane! Instead of a dice there's a little coin, one side is yellow and the other red. The board has red and yellow squares and whatever colour you throw is the square you move to. Brilliant!

We're getting peckish and decide a train trip into the city would be great. The boys love taking the train. JJ watches out the window as we pass by the stations, and reads out the station names as we go by.


5 minutes later, fast asleep

We hop out of the train and get to one of our favourite restaurants. The boys are hungry and eat really well, we have fried rice noodles with beef, and rice with BBQ pork and tofu. When the bill comes, Daddy explains to JJ how much the meal costs and how we work to get money to pay for the meal. JJ just wants to pocket the money and put it in his piggy bank!

We take the boys for a little run around outside the state library where people are grouped together having lunch and soaking up the lovely weather. It's a nice little green spot in the city to chillax.
Photo taken by SamSam!
Watching the birds on the Melbourne Central clock
We run some errands in the city, and then it's almost time to go home, but not before we stop by Harajuku Pancakes for strawberries with icecream and chocolate sauce pancake. Yumm!

We get home and the boys go straight to bed for their afternoon nap. It's been a lovely day!

In the evening we read 'Stuck in the Mud' a Thomas the Tank Engine early readers book, and 'My Little K Book', followed by devotions. Tonight's devotion is about quiet places, and that it's good to find a quiet place to spend time with God.

'Be still and know that I am God' Psalm 46:10

Good night sweethearts!

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