Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Letter T Day

JJ is so eager to learn that last week he wanted to play learning and teaching.

While the boys packed two backpacks with pencil cases and water, and pretended to take the bus to 'school' (by rearranging the cushions on our sofa to look like a bus), I whipped up a very simple lesson plan:

Aim: Teach about the Letter T
  • Writing the letter T
  • Reading T words
  • Playing a T game
  • Singing T songs
  • Making a craft - animals that start with T
  • Storytime Letter T

I photocopied some writing activity sheets for the letter T. The boys took their pencils and traced the dotted lines and coloured the pictures.

Another activity sheet had words beginning with T. I got the boys to read them out - truck, tomato and television. I took a piece of paper and wrote them as a list, and then we talked about how the letter T sounded. Then we added more words we could think of. We came up with Thomas (naturally), and troublesome (!).

I stuck these words up on a door so they could see them.

It was time for some singing with the letter T.

The only nursery rhymes I could think of with the letter T, were 'I'm a Little Teapot' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. I wrote the titles on a piece of paper, and drew a teapot and a happy star, then stuck it on the door.

Then I pulled out my guitar and boys ran to get their percussion instruments. We sang the songs, and they shook their instruments and walked around the room to the rhythm of the music.

Other pictures and yellow suns are from Sunday school!

Then it was time for a letter T game.

For the game I wrote some words starting with the letter T, cut them up into strips, and put them in a pencil case. The boys had to take turns taking a word out, read it, and then stick it on the object with blue tack. The words we had included, television, toes, tshirt, tap. Toes was a fun one, as they stuck it to Daddy's socks as he sat on the sofa.

JJ holding his school bag

To wrap up, it was craft time with the letter T.

I asked them which animals started with T. I don't think they did very well, so I suggested turtle and tiger. JJ chose to make a turtle, and SamSam the tiger.

The boys LOVE glue. We bought some of those liquid gluesticks at the $2 shop, and they just love squishing the glue out. I drew an outline of the animals, and cut up lots of little pieces of magazine for them to make a collage.

Here's what they made!

Realised later that the tiger's tail is all wrong. Will have to get better at animal drawing!

I had a backup activity in case they wanted more, which was reading to them the letter T from the Richard Scarry book, but it was time to have a run around outside after all this concentration!

Evaluation: The letter T 'day' was a real hit. The boys learned a lot, they were occupied for quite a long time, and for me, having a plan to follow was really good - it made things much easier.

What I'd do next time: I think as the boys get older I'll need to prepare some of these 'lessons' in advance - like having activity sheets already photocopied and art equipment prepared. I found that the boys would get up to mischief while I hurried to prepare everything!

The good thing is that the lesson plan can be duplicated for all other remaining letters, hurrah!!! :)

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