Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Five Senses

Over the last few days I've been teaching the boys about The Five Senses.

I took a piece of paper and drew a person's face and hand and wrote:
1) seeing 2) listening 3) tasting 4) smelling and 5) touching
and arrows linking each word with the eyes, ear, mouth, nose and hand.

We talked a little bit about each sense, and then we played some games.

Touch/Feeling Game
For this game you put some small toys in a bag, a pillowcase, and a scarf to use as a blindfold.

The boys had turns to wear the blindfold, and had to put their hand into the pillowcase to feel a toy and guess what it was. Things like a car, a figurine, a plastic fruit, a balloon, a toy animal were fun things for them to guess.

They really liked this game!

Listening Game
For this game I collected some percussion/ musical instruments, plus other objects that made sounds. This time the boys had to listen and tell me what I held in my hand under the table!

Examples of what they had to guess:
- maraccas
- wind up toy (when you wind it up it makes a cool winding sound)
- coins in a purse
- a couple of spoons to hit together
- harmonica

Tasting Game
To play this game you assemble some little tasting portions of food in a bowl, cover it with a plate, and the kids have to taste and guess what the food is.

It can be tough getting them to keep their eyes shut!

Food examples:
- Rice cracker piece
- Banana
- Chocolate Tiny Teddy biscuits
- Hundreds and thousands sprinkles
- Cheese
- another idea would have been peanut butter or honey or jam on a teaspoon!

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