Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chatter boxes

With JJ at almost three and a half years old, and SamSam almost two and a half, there's a mighty lot of talking happening around the house these days.

JJ was slow to start forming sentences. I remember at his two year old check up that he was only putting two, and very rarely three words together. In fact I was a little concerned at the time. Of course now he's perfectly fine!

SamSam at two years old was totally different. While the health development guide says three to four word sentences is the norm for a two year old, SamSam would put together seven or eight. He also has a really good understanding of grammar!

At home all you hear from him is a constant stream of chatter. I can hear him now in the bedroom making conversation between his trains! He even argues with JJ in his sleep! "That's mine!"

It just goes to show, every child develops at different rates, even brothers.

Now that they're talking, they are starting to correct what I say and even debate with me.

One night as I was trying to hurry SamSam to finish his milk so he could go to bed, I said "Hurry and drink your milk SamSam, it's night time".

After a quick glance out the window he replied.

"No it's daytime".

Shucks to summer daylight!

"Well, it's almost night time", I retorted.

The funniest conversation was this morning with JJ when he and I were talking about air.

"Air comes out of our mouths when we blow. Air is in hot air balloons. I blow air into your swim floaties", I said.

"When Daddy sits on the toilet and does a put-put* air comes out of his bum" said JJ.

I almost asphyxiated from laughter.


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