Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kids Pocket Money

It all started a month ago when JJ asked if he could work so he could buy a doughnut from the local bakery.

We had to start thinking of ways for him to earn pocket money!

Initially we made the mistake of paying him to tidy his room. Soon he expected payment whenever he cleaned his room! We ditched that idea quickly!

Finally we realised we needed to make a clear definition between responsibilities and 'special' work that is rewardable with pay. Here's what we've come up with:

Every day responsibilities (chores) for a three and two year old
- Make bed (Mummy helps SamSam)
- Get changed (Mummy helps SamSam with his top)
- Hang up pyjamas behind the door
- Bring breakfast cereal, bowls and spoons to the table
- Put dirty bowls and spoons in kitchen sink
- Put away toys after playing with them

JJ making his bed
SamSam putting his breakfast bowl, spoon and bib at the kitchen sink

SamSam wiping down the table after putting away the Playdough
Kids Pocket Money:
- Sort and fold JJ & SamSam's clothes
- Perform songs

Kids pocket money : folding clothes

I've labelled four boxes - 'JJ's clothes', 'SamSam's clothes', 'Pyjamas', and 'Socks & undies'.

The boys fold and sort them into the right box. It's quite a long task, and requires good concentration, and excellent fine motor skills. JJ gets 50cents for completing this task. SamSam gets about a quarter of this as he hasn't got the dexterity to fold clothes properly yet.

The last method of kids pocket money - performing songs for us - we haven't started yet, but we want to encourage them to have the courage to talk and perform in public. We think this could be a good way of getting used to eg. public speaking. We think that when they are older they can do street busking to earn some pocket money!

JJ now has his eyes set on a new toy train, it could be another 10 weeks for this to eventuate, I hope he persists!

 Video of JJ folding tshirts with Daddy voiceover!

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