Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Homemade Paint

Today we tried potato printing with our own homemade paint!

I cut some potatoes in half and used the knife to cut out some simple shapes - a cross, a circle, some lines and a letter C.

We made our own homemade paint, using flour, water and food colouring. It was fun!

Homemade Paint Recipe:
- 2 cups of plain flour, sifted
- 2 cups of cold water
Stir together flour and water until smooth, split into separate bowls, then add food colouring.

JJ stirring the flour and water for our homemade paint :)

Split the mixture into bowls, add food colouring, and voila! Homemade paint!

Get some small plates, put some kitchen paper roll down to act as the paint pad. Pour on the paint.

Use slightly thicker paper than normal, slip on the painting smocks, then let the painting fun begin!

Boys decide quickly to ditch potatoes in favour of finger painting! (something they've never been allowed to do by their slightly mess conscious mother!).

A great success :)
The boys didn't play as long with the paint as I thought they would - but they really enjoyed actually making the paint. Next time I make it, I will get some stubby paintbrushes as another painting tool.


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