Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day at Home

This week has been so busy. Today we finally just get to stay at home, it's nice not to have to rush anywhere!

Pasta play
They played with miscellaneous pasta shapes, and bits of drinking straw, with assortment of cups, spoons, ladles and string. They really enjoy this simple activity.

Matching the animals
I wrote different animals on some bits of paper, plus some names of fruit, and lay them out on the floor. I gave the boys a little carry case packed with plastic animals and toy fruit. Their task was to match each animal and fruit with the paper.
Coconut and Boat Game
The boys have a small inflatable boat. I found their collection of balls - all different sizes, and I called these 'coconuts'. They had to sit on the bed and throw the coconuts into the boat. I pretended to be a hungry crocodile and was sang a funny coconut song.They found this game hilarious!
Computer Time
When SamSam goes down for his lunchtime nap, JJ sometimes gets computer time. There are so many interactive resources on the net which are totally free and are educational. JJ loves spending time on the computer. We limit the amount of time he spends on it, and it's at the moment, he only gets to go on it every few days.

Puzzle Time

Toilet Training
SamSam started being toilet trained this week. He is doing really, really well! Hardly many accidents! I was using the sticker reward system, but I found that reward biscuits work much better for him! Chocolate Tiny Teddy Biscuits are a real fave :)

Impromptu slide
Boys love to be active. A roughly made up slide on the couch, with the slide leading to a drop onto cushions on the rug, amused them for a long time.

I love my boys!

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