Wednesday, 4 January 2012


We're itching to explore some more towns in the local area, and today we've decided to go to Beechworth, an hour's drive from Bright.

None of us have had breakfast, so by the time we get into Beechworth I'm ready to eat the table.

When I'm about to take the kids out of the car, I realise that the boys are sitting in their seats without any shoes on - we've left their shoes at home!!! Can you believe it?!

Luckily their river shoes are still in the car, still slightly damp from yesterday, but better than nothing.

We find a fairly kid friendly cafe/deli called Beechworth Pantry. The boys demolish French Toast with bacon and maple syrup, and when they've finished JJ says he wants dessert. The food by the way was really delicious.

The boys adding sugar and stirring my mug of latte
We take a stroll around the lovely Beechworth shops. The boys take a fancy to some corrugated metal animals meant for the garden and the window display of the lolly shop. We come across a splendid toy shop which has a Thomas the Tank Engine trainset table, and they are glued!

Eventually when it's time to go, SamSam has a melt down when we leave - this is despite giving them our usual five-minute-warning. Finally by the time we get to the car he has calmed down. He just loved that train set to bits!

We stop by at Myrtleford and pick up some fish n chips and excellent burgers for a picnic lunch by the river.

Our picnic turns into a whole afternoon affair when we find a wonderful spot by the river. It's another hot day, so it's perfect to be in the water. There are millions and millions of pebbles, and we build another little rock pool in the river.

Among other things the boys pretend that the pool is a cafe, and go inside to sit down and pretend to eat chips!

After the whole afternoon by the river, we return home exhausted, and the boys have fallen asleep in the car.

When they wake up, they are a ball of energy and running around like they've been set free. They invent a new game which I call 'Extreme Swiss Ball Rolling'. The game entails running behind the exercise ball and pushing it as fast and as accurately as you can in order to squash and flatten your opponent. JJ gets squashed quite a few times by SamSam.

After dinner, showers, reading, devotions and milk, I try and get them to bed, but they are pretty playful this evening. Each time I go in to check on them, they are rolling on each other, or remaking their beds, and no doubt telling each other jokes because there is so much laughter going on in there.

Eventually I move them out of our room and into another bedroom together. Somehow the new surroundings seems to work - or at least they are finally sleepy because it's now 9:30pm and I put them down at 7:30pm. They should be so exhausted! I am!

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