Thursday, 12 April 2012

JJ's First Purchase

After six weeks of hard work (see kids pocket money post) JJ saved about $6.00 towards a train - Patchwork Hiro. Feeling like he needed to see some hard results, we dug into some gift money he'd been given when he was born, and took him to Myer where he made his first transaction!!

He was extremely, extremely happy as evidenced by the broad grin on his face that he carried from the time we left the shops to the time we came home. He ran in the door and shouted to his Daddy that he'd bought Patchwork Hiro! He was so proud!!!

(SamSam hadn't saved very much unfortunately, but we chipped in some money so he could get some trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine vending machine.)

The happy boy with the reward from his hard work

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