Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fairfield Boathouse

Yesterday the weather was too beautiful to stay inside. I packed our reading activity in a backpack along with a snack and some books. We were going down to the river to learn instead!

The walk to the river is about 1km which the boys can walk easily. As we walked we passed many flowers in front gardens and we looked at their pretty colours. We noticed one flower had curly petals like ringlets! I'd never seen them before. It was the first time I remember using the word 'dead' in reference to the dead flowers fallen on the floor.

The boys got to watch a crane and digger in operation on a worksite (what a treat!) and we stood and watched for a few minutes. It's great how there's so much to talk about and learn even when you go for a simple walk with children!

While the weather was beautifully warm, we're actually a good way into Autumn. I asked the boys to tell me the colour of the leaves on the trees. Some were still green, but many were yellow and red. We talked about how leaves turned colour when it was Autumn, and that they fall to the ground.

We made our way down the steep path to the river, and the boys were so excited they wanted to run!

It's a really beautiful spot down at Fairfield Boathouse. The river makes a bend among pretty parkland and trees, and on the banks of the river in front of the old Boathouse are beautiful wooden rowboats tied up along the jetty.

It's a pretty spot for a picnic or lunch, and this was where we settled down at a table and bench to do our morning work.

The night before I recreated the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' in a Word document using some free pictures I found on the internet. I typed up the story alongside the pictures, and purposely omitted words from each paragraph. I wrote the missing words on stickers and put them in a little resealable bag for the boys to take from.

Three Little Pigs activity
SamSam was too distracted by being outdoors, and after a very good effort on the first page, went and did his own thing. JJ however was very keen to complete the task, and went through the whole book without stopping. They both love the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.
SamSam sticking words onto his book

JJ getting into the task

SamSam soaking up the views
Satisfied that our morning learning was done, we had cupcakes as a treat then went down by the river bank to feed the ducks. The boys enjoyed this immensely!

 We went for a lovely walk over the bridge and before I knew it, it was almost lunchtime!

Fairfield Boathouse bridge
Boys running over the bridge
Talking about the signs along the walking track
I decided we should have a treat, and eat lunch at the boathouse. We'd had some really sad news the day before - I had miscarried my unborn baby at 8 weeks. So it was really lovely to be outside in such glorious weather with my precious boys. I wanted to make the most of the time we had together.

We got a fantastic spot right on the water with brilliant views. While we waited for lunch we read our books, and the boys made quick work of a strawberry milkshake (first ever non-homemade milkshake).

Fairfield Boathouse
Making quick work of the strawberry shake at Fairfield Boathouse
Reading in the sun
Lunch over, the boys rode on the coin operated horse and we then we made our way home. A very satisfying and happy day that I will cherish for a long time.

Fairfield Boathorse coin horse: Giddyup!

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