Monday, 23 April 2012

From Cubby House to Pizza Shop

This weekend I brought out the cubbyhouse that we made last week (see cubbyhouse ideas post) . It was easy to uncollapse and stick back together with sticky tape.

JJ stuck a pizza restaurant menu onto the front door, and that's when the inspiration hit, we decided to turn the cubbyhouse into a PIZZA SHOP!

I cut out some cardboard pizza bases, some red tomatoes/salami from a real estate magazine, and made shredded cheese from yellow craft paper. It worked a treat, and so fun to make!

How to make a pretend pizza! Put on the shredded cheese.

Add tomatoes (which can also double as salami!)

The boys then put the pizzas into the Pizza Shop oven to bake.

The pizza in the oven
I also taught JJ to take orders, he can almost write the word 'pizza'!

Jae's attempt at writing '1 Pizza' pretty good!! (plus cute picture)
Then, inevitably, SamSam forgot to take his pizza out of the oven for a very long time. We put a pizza in the oven, then had a nap and forgot to take it out.

We had a make believe fire in the shop. Which meant, naturally, that we had to have a fire engine and rescue crew. Cue a cardboard box, red Christmas wrapping paper, paper cutout lights and wheels, and some braces...and voila, a Fire Engine!!!

The smile on SamSam's face shows how much fun they were having.
Fires were breaking out left, right and centre, and every few minutes.  When they got tired of putting out fires, they'd go back to making pizzas. The boys had a great time :)

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