Sunday, 1 April 2012

Home Made Jigsaw Puzzle

Every year when it's time to change your wall calendar to a new year's calendar, don't throw the old one out! You can make it into a home made jigsaw puzzle for your kids!

Our calendar last year was of wild animals, which made it a perfect subject for jigsaws! 

- Ask your children to choose which picture they want to turn into a jigsaw puzzle. JJ liked the bears and SamSam the lions.
- Cut out the picture into a rectangle or square
- Find some thickish cardboard from a box
- If you don't mind the mess, allow your children to paste the glue onto the picture and stick it onto the cardboard. For this exercise I used the liquid, clear glue that comes in a plastic bottle and has a brush underneath the lid. You could also use stick glue, but you'll need to put quite a good layer so that it can hold to the cardboard.

JJ with pictures glued onto cardboard box panels. The piece of paper to the right has lyrics to the song 'If I Were a Butterfly' - a great animal song that I sang with the kids after they chose their pictures.

- Let it the picture dry up. (I put the boys down for an afternoon nap with the promise of cutting up the jigsaw pieces when they woke up - worked a treat).
- Once dry, use some sturdy scissors to cut out jigsaw shapes out of the picture. If you want you could draw with pencil and then cut that out.
- Voila!  The great thing about calendars - you have 12 potential home made jigsaw puzzles!

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