Monday, 16 April 2012

Cubby house ideas

Last weekend we made a fantastic cubbyhouse. Aunty Tiffany came to visit and so we had extra creativity and extra help to make it!

The boys have loved playing in it, and we loved making it too!

JJ about to open the front door. He said the door number was number 2 because he saw it on a box! Notice the flower egg carton holder, and pretty blue curtains!

cubby house ideas
More of an aerial view of the cubbyhouse. It is built of two tall boxes, split open down a long side, and stuck together with stickytape. I later added an extra panel for more space- see orange cardboard! JJ referred to the house as the 'apple and mango house' because of the writing on this box!

In the above photo, on the right of JJ, you'll see two letterboxes stuck on the cardboard. This was a great addition to the cubby, - the boys had a great time drawing on paper and posting them 'letters' to themselves!

Inside the cubby there is a stove, sink, cupboard, shelf, and computer desk complete with keyboard and monitor.

I also printed out a clock to stick on the wall. Here is a better shot of the sink with flower vase and plastic play food!

The boys also drew some pictures which we 'framed' and put up on the wall. They had a great time bringing in their spongebed and pretending to sleep, cook and work in their little home.

They prefer playing under a 'roof' which is a simple white sheet draped over the top. At night we turn on a tall lamp that shines outside the cubbyhouse onto the roof which illuminates it beautifully without it being too bright :)

I'll be packing it up tonight and bringing out once a week for them to play in. I'm looking forward to some great times with this little house!


  1. JJ - you wear the same thing as I at home...just a tshirt liberating...

  2. Very nice house honeypots!