Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rough daily routine

I know that some parents find it hard to structure their day, so I thought it would be interesting to write down a rough guide as to what we get up to during the day.

Today went something like this (with lots of toilet interruptions because the boys have gastro!):

7:45am   Breakfast
8:15am   Change clothes, brush teeth, wash face
8:30am   Reading time
9:00am   Colouring activity sheets and writing practice
9:20am   Played with collection of buttons
9:50am   Sat on the rug and sang nursery rhymes with guitar
10:30am Boys had a lie down for half an hour (but didn't actually sleep!)
11:00am Playdough
11:45am Lunch time
12:15pm More playdough & free play
1:00pm   SamSam goes for afternoon nap
              JJ does maths activity sheet with Mummy
1:30pm  Nap for JJ and Mummy
3:00pm  Played in cubbyhouse
4:00pm  Free play
5:30pm  Dinner
6:30pm  Bathtime
7:00pm  Reading and Devotions
8:00pm  Bedtime

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