Monday, 5 March 2012

Interactive Nursery Rhymes

I've discovered a new interactive way of singing nursery rhymes and songs with the boys. I use props as we sing!

For example, for 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm', I put some of their farm animals into a bag, and before we sing the next animal, I get them to name the next animal by putting their hand in and grabbing one out. It makes it a bit more fun :)

Other songs which I've used props:

'There Were Five in the Bed' - I use five little people on a book, and roll them over and off the book as we sing the verses. The boys think it's very funny when one falls off.

'Farmer in the Dell' - I put together a man, woman, baby, nurse, and a dog in a little circle. They do a little dance together as the group gets bigger and bigger. The boys think it's great!

'Five Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop' - I use anything for buns, even Lego! Actually, the visual subtraction is an excellent method to teach maths.

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